"The most precious gift we can offer others is our presence. When mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bloom like flowers." - Thich Nhat Hanh


Dr. Vaidya's group-based medical practice currently focuses on helping those with Persistent Concussion Symptoms.  Outside of her medical practice, she runs trainings and workshops on yoga, burnout, stress resilience, and self-compassion. 

The medical group visits are psycho-educational, focusing on tools and techniques to better cope with stress. They are not a replacement for individual therapy.

Dr.Vaidya has designated status as GP Psychotherapist through the OMA and Ontario MOHLTC. As such, she will not negate Physician's whose patients are rostered in a FHO (Family Health Organization).

She requires a referral from your Primary Health Care Practitioner. Once a referral form is received and reviewed as per criteria below, an individual assessment will be booked to ensure appropriateness for the program. Patients will then be triaged to the group that is appropriate for them.


  • If you are an MD/NP/PA/SW CLIN PSYCH, you can refer yourself. However, as the groups are partially covered by OHIP, communication with your Family Doctor is necessary. Please have them fill out the referral form and attach your Clinical Patient Profile (CPP).


  • For all others with Persistent Concussion Symptoms, referrals are to be made from your Family Doctor, or allied health professional, and FAXED to our office (this is the only way our Electronic Medical Record accepts referrals).

Referrals are triaged and accepted based on the following criteria:

  • Patients with persistent concussion symptoms, who are able to attend daytime groups. 

  • Helping Professionals experiencing stress or job fatigue (includes First Responders, Nurses, Allied Health, Social Workers, Teachers, Shelter workers, etc) or Burned-out Caregivers

Understand that there is a fee (sliding scale) for services not covered by OHIP (Yoga, Handouts, Access to Web Portal).

Please note: 

  • Priority is given to those with Persistent Concussion Symptoms. 

  • Wait times are variable based on demand.

  • Patients who do not fit the above criteria should be referred elsewhere.

  • Patients are assessed to ensure appropriateness for the group.

  • Those suffering from distress tolerance or anger issues should seek other treatment, such as Dialectical Behaviour Therapy.

  • Patients with PTSD may need a trauma-focused program. 

  • Those with addiction issues should seek treatment from a qualified addiction practitioner.

Cancellation Policy: 

We have a 2 business day cancellation policy. If you cannot attend an individual appointment, please let us know as soon as possible and at least prior to 2 business days, such that we can improve access for other patients in need. Otherwise, you will be charged a cancellation fee of $145.00.

Missed Appointments:

OHIP does not cover the cost of missed appointments. Fees will be reimbursed by the patient according to the standard rate of $145.00 per assessment appointment


The Yoga MD 

appointments by referral from your family doctor.

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