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We are here to awaken from the illusion of our separateness - Thich Naht Hahn

These multi-session programs provide the time to go deeper into the practice, re-connecting with our true selves. They also provide opportunities to connect with others, helping us know that we are not alone.

The format for these Mind-Body programs is psycho-educational, and are intended to help participants build skills for stress resilience. They are not a substitute for individual therapy. 

Silence in the City

Participants of past groups are invited to these sessions to help reconnect with, and sustain the skills they have learned in past groups. We will start with a mindful movement practice, incorporate compassion based meditations, and review lifestyle medicine topics of interest to participants.

Are you suffering from Burnout, Caregiver Strain, or Fatigue? This 8-week workshop incorporates gentle, mindful, breath-focused restorative yoga, and compassion-based meditations allowing participants to rest, reset, and revitalize while learning techniques to build resilience. 

Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC)

Mindful Self-Compassion is the foundation of emotional healing—being aware in the present moment when we're struggling with feelings of inadequacy, despair, confusion, and other forms of stress (mindfulness), and responding with kindness and understanding (self-compassion). Developed by Dr. Kristin Neff, a pioneering researcher in the field of self-compassion ( and Dr. Christopher Germer (, a pioneer in the field of Mindfulness and Psychotherapy, this course intends to help you treat yourself with the same kindness with which you treat your friends.

Live Well!

Action leads to Motivation. In this 4-week Lifestyle Medicine Course, we will come together as a group to practice evidence based techniques to help address your stress, review how to get a good night's sleep; bring clarity to the confusion of nutrition advice and cook a plant-based meal; and make exercise easy and fun!


The Doctor's Lounge

It is no secret that the medical profession is stressed and overwhelmed. We need to care for ourselves as we care for others. Why book the afternoon off and come for retreat with your clinic? Take the opportunity to rest and gain skills to help cope with burnout and empathic distress.  

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