Concussion Recovery Program

Mind-Body Medicine Concussion Recovery Program


This 9-week course will combine the neuroplastic effects of the Mind-Body practice Yoga, with the science of brain recovery, optimal nutrition and other scientifically based tips to help those recovering from Concussion.


As a former ER Doctor and Family Doctor who sustained a concussion, Dr. Vaidya understands the frustration, lack of clear information, obstacles to wellness, and isolation that can come with concussion. She also understands how to help.


The goals of this program are to:

  • connect together as people living with Persistent Concussion Symptoms.

  • practice concussion appropriate yoga to improve symptoms, foster neuroplasticity and brain healing.

  • discuss research on lifestyle and nutrition best practices for brain health.

  • understand our nervous system and how we can best improve our function, physically, emotionally, and within our relationships.

  • employ techniques from mindfulness, and compassion focused therapies, as well cognitive behaviour therapy to help cope with difficulties.

  • support each other as we travel this brave new world with a Traumatic Brain Injury. 


When: Mondays afternoons,  starting early January, 2020 from 1:00pm to 4:00pm. Exact date TBA when group is formed. 

Where: 1466 Bathurst St, Suite 306 (SW corner of St. Clair W and Bathurst St) Toronto ON. Ontario patients outside of Toronto may be able to join the group online via the Ontario Telehealth Network.


Referrals: Please fill out the REFERRAL FORM and have your Family Doctor/Specialist FAX it to us at 416-536-3352


​​Process:​​ Once the referral is received, an assessment will be conducted to ensure suitability for the group. Assessment does not guarantee admission to the group. If the group is not appropriate for the individual, they will be referred back to their family doctor with suggestions that may be more suitable for their care.


Cost: OHIP + additional fees for handouts, meditations and videos. Deposit $80.00, total $200 (sliding scale) 

*Participants who miss more than one session will need to cover the cost of the missed time according to the following OHIP fee schedule: Missed Class: $80.00

Once accepted into the group, payment can be made via interac e-transfer to or via the adjacent paypal button .


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